Product return

Right of return After ordering and purchasing the product, you have the right to return the product you received to us within two weeks, with a written explanation of the reasons for its return. The term starts counting from the moment of receipt of the goods. The product cannot be returned if it is shipped to the customer by special order. Returns are at the customer’s expense and risk.


Consequences of the return: In the event of a legal cancellation of the transaction, the return of the goods received by both parties must be ensured and the benefit, if any, received (for example, the benefit of consumption). In the case of a return of inferior quality or an incomplete item, a refund of the missing value may be required. This provision does not apply if the quality of the product has deteriorated only due to the inspection – which you could have done when buying in a store. You can generally avoid liability for damages if you do not use the item as the owner and do not take any action that could reduce the value of the item. The right of return does not apply to goods that have been manufactured according to the customer’s special instructions. First of all, goods that are manufactured according to the personal needs of the customer. In the case of a return of a product that was ordered according to a special order (see the point “payment terms”), the refund amount is 70% of the price of the product

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