Purchasing Rules

General rules of transactions and supply


  1. General Provisions All goods, services and offers provided by us are subject to the following terms and conditions. They also apply to all future contractual relationships, even if this is not expressly agreed upon again. In all cases, it is considered that the provisions provided in these terms and conditions related to the transfer of ownership only after payment, the guarantees provided and the rejection of any other claims for damages have been agreed upon. These terms and conditions are deemed to be confirmed upon receipt of the goods. Any deviations from these conditions are effective only if they are confirmed in writing or by email. The terms and conditions of transactions provided by the customer, including the delivery of goods, do not become an integral part of the contract, even if we have not expressly expressed our disagreement.


  1. Methods of ordering goods Orders are accepted: 1. via e- shop order system; 2. via email; 3. via phone. When ordering goods by any of the following methods, we undertake to deliver the goods within the specified terms.


  1. Prices are given in euros, with discounts; the price includes the 21% value added tax applicable at the time of the order and transportation costs. If a higher price is specified when confirming the order, the customer has the right to refuse the purchase immediately.


  1. Terms of payment Unless otherwise agreed, the specified amount must be paid immediately, in advance, discounts for cash payments do not apply. It is necessary to take into account the special instructions in the description of each product. Delivery of goods to other European countries depends on the chosen courier.


  1. Delivery and service terms The delivery term specified by us is indicated for each product. We are not responsible for delays caused by delivery problems of our partners, in this case transport companies and suppliers. Accordingly, delivery and service delivery times are extended due to circumstances beyond our control.


  1. Shipping costs and delivery The goods are delivered by the seller or a transport authorized by the seller. The goods are delivered to the customer’s pre-specified address and only to the place where the car can drive. Delivery of goods is free to not all cities in Lithuania.


  1. Right of return After ordering and purchasing the product, you have the right to return the product you received to us within two weeks, with a written explanation of the reasons for its return. The term starts counting from the moment of receipt of the goods. The product cannot be returned if it is shipped to the customer by special order. If the delivery time of the product is longer than 7 days, it is considered that the product is ordered according to a special order. Returns are at the customer’s expense and risk.


Consequences of the return: In the event of a legal cancellation of the transaction, the return of the goods received by both parties must be ensured and the benefit, if any, received (for example, the benefit of consumption). In the case of a return of inferior quality or an incomplete item, a refund of the missing value may be required. This provision does not apply if the quality of the product has deteriorated only due to the inspection – which you could have done when buying in a store. You can generally avoid liability for damages if you do not use the item as the owner and do not take any action that could reduce the value of the item. The right of return does not apply to goods that have been manufactured according to the customer’s special instructions. First of all, goods that are manufactured according to the personal needs of the customer. If a product ordered by special order is returned (see “payment terms”), the refund amount is 70% of the price of the product.


  1. Warranty obligations If the goods are defective at the time of delivery, the seller undertakes to remove them. The company “LAUTA” has the first right to repair the product or replace it with another product at its discretion. If the product is delivered again with defects or if the delivery is delayed within the relevant period specified by the customer, the customer can: demand a reduction in the purchase price or terminate the contract. The duration of warranty obligations is indicated for each product in months, counting from the moment of delivery of the product.


  1. Data protection Personal data will be processed only if you voluntarily provide it when ordering a product, registering at the time of ordering our news. We will use the data provided by you without your separate consent only to formalize and execute your order. Without your separate consent, which you can withdraw at any time, we will not transfer your personal data and your home address or e-mail address to third parties. The exception is our partners who provide services that require your data to fulfill the order (for example, a parcel delivery company obliged to deliver the product and a payment institution obliged to carry out payment operations). In these cases, only necessary data is transmitted. After completing the contract and final payment for the product, your data is blocked and can no longer be used, and after fulfilling the requirements set out in the legal acts governing taxes and commercial relations, they are deleted, if you have not expressed your explicit consent for your data to be used further. If you have subscribed to our newsletter, your name and email address will be used for advertising purposes until you unsubscribe. You have the right to inquire about your saved data at any time free of charge, and you can also correct, block or, if necessary, delete it.


  1. Final Provisions The applicable law is the law of the Republic of Lithuania. In the event that any provision of these General Terms and Conditions is or becomes ineffective, the other provisions shall remain in effect.
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