1. Shipping (pickup) methods and prices:

1.1 Courier. All over Europe at a time and address convenient for you.

www.LARRYJAKT.SE www.LARRIMEDZIOKLE.LT undertakes to deliver the goods to the Customer no later than the terms set by the courier.

2. www.LARRYJAKT.SE www.LARRIMEDZIOKLE.LT purchased goods will be delivered to a convenient location. Specify the place of delivery when filling out the order. The goods will be delivered by a courier.

3. When receiving the ordered goods, check the condition of the shipment and whether there is anything missing, and sign the invoice, waybill or other shipment transfer-acceptance document.

Attention. The goods can only be collected by the person who placed the order or a close relative indicated at the time of placing the order. Therefore, when picking up the goods, it is necessary to have a personal identification document with you (ID card, passport or new driver’s license).

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