Hunting camouflage


Five primary colors: Dry reed, dry reed with green, green reed, wheat and faded grass and corn.

Matt colour does not fade or rustle.


I believe that these products are the most useful in helping people to get in disguise outdoors.

Weight and volume of the product play an essential role.

Weight of the hunting robe is 730 grams, of the jacket – 650 grams, of the net – 780 grams.

Overall dimensions of the set: packed net, robe and a mask takes up 25cm x 30cm x 15cm. This allows you to carry the whole camouflage set with you not taking too much space in your bag pack.

Products are moist resistant, do not rustle or break, and do not emit any odour. They do not interfere with hunting.

100% polyester fabric is a strong and durable fabric. It dries out in 7 minutes when the wind is blowing, and when there is no wind, it dries out in 20 minutes.

Colour is 100% identical to the colours of the nature.

Main five colours: dry reed, dry reed green, green reed, wheat, and maize.

Matt colour does not fade or rustle.

I advise everyone to get this set consisting a hunting robe, a net, and a mask. Weight of the set is 1.5 kilogram. The colours of the product are identical to reed, grass, bushes and vegetation of all seasons. There are 5 main colours.

Full and effective camouflage not taking too much space in your bag pack.

Measurements of the net: 2,5×1,47; size of the robe is universal from 46 to 62, for heights 165-195.

Size of the mask is also universal. It is adjustable with a fastening rubber on the back of the head.

Hunting robe…., jacket….., mask……, trousers….., net…… , net 2,5×1,47… net 6×1,47….

Buy the net and the hunting robe from LARRICAMO.COM, LARRYJAKT.SE, LARRIMEDZIOKLE.LT for the most effective and successful hunt!

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