Knife EKA swedblade G4


The new version is finally here. The G4 is a much better knife than you might expect. It can be disassembled for cleaning with the one simple push!

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The new version is finally here. G4 is a much better knife as it can be disassembled for cleaning with a simple push of a button! Perfect for the hunter who is orderly and careful with hygiene. In addition, New lavish better knife sheath that protects the edge and has a belt clip that you can rotate 360 degrees at your own discretion.

The do-it-all knife just got even better. We EKA have worked hard for a long time to develop a hunting knife that can handle all the tasks of your stay in the woods, from carving or dragging sticks to gutting and skinning game of all sizes. The EKA Swedblade G4 is the result of more than 15 years of manufacturing a combination knife with an integrated stomach opener. In fact, already in 2004 we released the first knife model called E8 and it was a worldwide success. A lot has happened since then. The E8 eventually became the G3 and now the G4. Among other things, the knife has changed handles, got a latch and now it can also be disassembled for efficient cleaning!

The ESA has retained the parts that we believe made the knife so prized, namely the steel (hardened Sandvik 12C27), the stylish design of the knife, and most importantly, its functionality. Difference between G3 and G4: The problem with previous versions was that if you didn’t wash the knife immediately after use, blood and hair got stuck between the parts, but with the new G4 this problem is now just a memory. Disassembly for cleaning is now easily done using a “button” at the bottom of the handle that is pushed in and down, then the hoops and blade separate from each other so you can ensure your knife maintains good hygiene.


Steel: Sandvik 12c27

Blade length: 100/80 mm

Total length: 215 mm

Blade thickness: 2.9 mm

Handle: PROFLEX Grip

Total weight: 135 grams

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